PURALIFE™: the purity of processes for application in atex areas

PURALIFE ™ is the revolutionary hose designed by MTG PHARMA DIVISION for fully safe transport of pure products in pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic and food industries.


Puralife is the perfect solution for conveying pure fluids, combining the benefits of the special inner tube made of black antistatic PFA (Perfluoro Alkoxy), resistant to a wide range of chemicals, with the platinum-cured, translucent and pharma quality silicone structure.

All parts of the hose structure are pharmaceutical quality. The connection (patent no. E.P. 1450092) between the PFA tube and the silicone is made through an advanced adhesion process, removing any additives or chemical elements potentially harmful or likely to contaminate the product conveyed.



The combination between PFA and silicone also ensures an excellent temperature resistance and is the perfect solution for applications where potential thermal shocks or high temperatures might cause a loss of compression set, i.e. a loss of volume of the hose wall in the area where the coupling was swaged-in. This phenomenon results in a loss of tightness of the coupling and a leak of the fluid conveyed at the ends of the hose assembly.

The hose may be assembled with stainless steel couplings which are normally used for this sector. It perfectly fits the black antistatic PFA lined couplings manufactured by MTG Pharma Division: the antistatic properties of the hose assembly and the chemical resistance to the product conveyed are ensured both by the black PFA of the hose tube and the lining of the coupling.

Traceability is ensured throughout the whole production process, from the production of the PFA liner to the hose coil or assembly.



The hose PURALIFE ™ is suitable for conveying potentially explosive substances, thanks to the antistatic tube (electrical resistance R <106 Ohm), and has been approved for use in Atex areas by the French Institute Ineris, attestation no. INERIS-16-AM-342.

The hose PURALIFE ™ complies with the regulations EC 1935/2004 and 2023/2006/EC (GMP). It is free from animal derived ingredients, phthalates, adipates and materials subject to restrictions according to the Reg. EC 1907/2006 (REACH). Also the hose is pharmaceutical (USP class VI, European Pharmacopoeia E.P. 3.1.9, ISO 10993) and food quality: FDA (Food and Drug Administration), D.M. 21/03/73 (Italian Decreto Ministeriale), BfR (Bundesamt für Risikobewertung) and EU 10/2011.

The cover is shiny and easy to clean with any detergent. The hose may be sterilized in the following way:  SIP, Radiations (please contact MTG staff) and Gas ethylene oxide.


Technical data sheet

For detailed information about the technical features of the hose, please refer to the technical data sheet of the product.
For any further information please contact our Sales Department.