PFA Lined Fittings

MTG PFA Lined Fittings


The PFA lined fittings is one of the most successful product lines produced by the MTG PHARMA DIVISION.

The company’s success with this range is largely due to 4 main key success factors such as: versatility, longevity, compliance with food and pharma standards and safety especially in critical applications

The wide assortment of fittings produced with both non-pigmented and black antistatic PFA lining is available in the following standards DIN, CAMLOCK, TRI-CLAMP, FLANGE RETAINER.

Features and benefits of PFA lined fittings:

  • APPLICATIONS AND CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: PFA-lined fittings are especially used for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the excellent chemical resistance, they are the best and safest solution for the most critical applications in the chemical industry.
  • LIFETIME: Perfluoropolymer lining (PFA) ensures a better performance and a longer lifetime of the hose assembly, thus reducing the operating and maintenance costs.
  • FOOD AND PHARMA COMPLIANCE: Compliance of the PFA liner with the regulations FDA and USP Class VI for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
  • SAFETY: The PFA, joined to the metal part in AISI 316L* by injection molding, is further anchored by means of special geometries created on the metal support in order to avoid the risk of implosion in case of suction and high temperatures.

* The casting certificates are available on demand.

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MTG PFA Lined fittings product line