MTG PHARMA is the division dedicated to the production of hoses for pharmaceutical use.

Our product range includes:

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    To avoid any form of environmental pollution that could alter the exceptional properties of the materials, MTG established a cleanroom. 1000 sq. m wide, it is certified class 8 In Operation according to the ISO 14644-1 standard.


    Inside the cleanroom, MTG manufactures semi-finished and finished products such as platinum-cured silicone hoses and platinum-cured silicone hoses with a perfluorinated inner liner. MTG can guarantee that the entire production process of cleanroom hoses takes place inside the cleanroom.


    In addition to the products closely related to the pharmaceutical sector, MTG Pharma can offer a wide selection of complementary products such as compensators, hoses for peristaltic pumps, and hoses for pharmaceutical powders. These products are created with special polymers of pharmaceutical and food quality, resistant to abrasion, and displaying excellent mechanical properties.

    All MTG Pharma hoses meet the most stringent national and international regulations for the food and pharmaceutical industry, such as USP Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9, ISO 10993, and Regulation EU 10/2011 where applicable.


    A wide selection of fittings completes the product range. MTG offers both stainless steel fittings and PFA-lined fittings, either translucent or black (antistatic). The perfluorinated material, of FDA food quality and USP class VI pharmaceutical grade, is perfectly anchored to the fitting to ensure high chemical and mechanical resistance even in suction and at high temperatures.