Aeratorflex: air suction hose, very flexible, used for ventilation systems on board of railway vehicles.


Air suction hose used for ventilation systems or as flexible connection between filter and prefilter or between filter and air intake manifold of combustion engines.

Also suitable for other applications requiring very flexible rubber hoses.

AERATORFLEX is especially used as flexible connection in ventilation systems on board of railway and tramway vehicles.

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    • UNI EN 45545-2:2015 (fire testing of materials and components for trains): HL2 for R22 and HL3 for R23.
    • UNI CEI 11170-3/05 (Reaction to fire): complies with all risk levels up to LR4 included.
    • ASTM C 542 and CEI 20-35 (Flame retardant).
    • NF X 10-702 – 1 and 2 (Low opacity of fumes).
    • NF X 70-100 – 1 and 2 (Low toxicity of gases).
    • EN 11925-2/2002 (fire reaction with a single ignition source).


    • By means of clamps, standard collars or other systems needed by the equipment manufacturers.


    • Hose manufactured with MTG rubber code 46N.



    • NR rubber, black, corrugated.


    • Plies of synthetic cord.
    • Embedded steel helix wire.


    • CR rubber, self-extinguishing, corrugated, black colour, resistant to ozone, weather and contact with fats and mineral oils.


    • From -30°C up to +120°C.

    Chemical resistance acc. to MTG Chemical Resistance Chart.
    Sizes and colours are available upon request. Please contact our Sales Department.

    CODE: ITA00110
    Rev.: 004
    UPDATED: 08/20