Our hoses meet the sea – hoses for fish pumping

Building a lasting partnership is not easy but MTG and PRO-FLEX have succeeded! We are not talking about a simple collaboration but about an agreement that has lasted for more than 25 years. Thanks to a relationship of full trust and shared experiences together we have developed revolutionary hoses in a wide range of diameters with excellent performance and quality for applications in the aquaculture sector. Each product is personalized to meet the requests and the expectations of the final user.


Why does Pro-Flex need a high-performance and customized hose?

People working in the aquaculture need special hoses designed to pump and transport live fishes from the farms to the ship. The hoses have to bear the weight of its own structure filled with water and fishes, it has to do it while one end is connected to the vessel and the other is submerged in the salmon farm. Therefore, the structure must withstand a traction, a considerable weight, operating in maximum suction. Each fishing vessel where these large diameter hoses are installed may have particular needs for length, bending radius  or connections with different types of flanges.


What are the characteristics of these Hoses?

The inner surface of the hose must be absolutely smooth and there must be no shrinkage in the area of the fittings as it may injure the fish during its passage. Secondly, any space or step between the fitting and the rubber could facilitate the proliferation of bacteria and parasites from one farm to another and compromise the health of entire farms.

The special technology to apply the flanges is designed to incorporate the metal fitting into the structure, and to create a perfectly smooth tube, combined with extremely flexible and suction-resistant structure of the hose, in which the fishes never come in contact with metal parts.

Our hoses are characterized by:

  • Excellent resistance to suction and tensile stress
  • No variation in internal diameter over the whole length of the hose

The assembly is custom made and designed by MTG specifically for this hose type.

All hoses have a unique serial number, production date and production code for complete traceability.

Certified by #DNV GL – Business Assurance in accordance with “Regulations on requirements for technical standards for land-based aquaculture facilities for fish “and requirements in NS 9416.