Benefits and applications of PFA

Characteristics of PFA (PerFluoroAlkoxy)


PFA (Perfluoralkoxy) belongs to the group of perfluorinated polymers, which are materials with very high technical performances and are used where the application cannot be satisfied by other traditional technopolymers. The main feature of the perfluorinated polymers is their chemical composition: in fact, their molecules are very stable and able to withstand high levels of thermal stress and chemical aggression.


Structure of PFA


PFA derives from PTFE, whose molecular structure has been modified, giving the polymer greater flexibility and greater resistance to mechanical stress. Furthermore, this polymer has the typical characteristics of a plastomer, resulting in the possibility of being processed by extrusion. Thanks to the extrusion process, PFA becomes extremely compact and mirror-smooth, ensuring a high level of purity.


PFA’s main features


The main features of PFA are the following:

  • Surface with low friction coefficient: to grant an easy flow of the fluids conveyed and avoid any adhesion with foreign substances.
  • Resistance to environmental factors and corrosion: the polymer is resistant to oxidation; therefore, the resistance to acids and oxidizing products is excellent.
  • Biological resistance: resistant to the aggression of microorganisms
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures.
  • Long service life: excellent resistance to aging, even with aggressive chemicals.
  • Almost inert: the purity of the material does not generate any chemical pollution.

Perfluorinated polymers do not dissolve in contact with the most common solvents and resist to chemical corrosion. For this reason and for their wide range of applications, they are considered almost universal materials. 


Use of PFA in MTG


MTG has been producing PFA tubing for many years. PFA tubing is used to manufacture the DYNAMIC® hose line, specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The know-how and the skills acquired by processing PFA have been of benefit for the development of another MTG important project: i.e. PFA lined fittings. Moreover, MTG is processing PFA in its cleanroom in order to guarantee utmost purity by avoiding any type of contamination and pay close attention to the needs and increasingly stringent requirements of the market.


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