Pharmaceutical industry


MTG PHARMASIL/COMP is a flexible connection that avoids transmission of vibrations and ensures the perfect alignment between unaligned elements.

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Main benefits

  • Specifically developed for the pharmaceutical industry using the “MTG PuralifeTM ” technology, made with platinum-cured silicone, complying with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and USP VI.
  • The special shape ensures both the inner and the outer part to be totally mirror-smooth, thus preventing bacterial growth.
  • The textile reinforcement inside the structure allows resistance to pressure and compensation for volumetric expansion. The structure is totally free from metal parts, thus ensuring its primary function of preventing vibrations.
  • A wide range of diameters may be developed according to the type of connection required, utmost flexibility on the lengths available, flanges made of AISI 316L or material specified by the customer.
  • Temperature range from -60°C to +200°C, autoclavable, resistant to the most common sterilization processes (radiations, Eto, …).
  • Made in cleanroom ISO 14644-1 class 8.

Dimensional tolerance

The graphic representation of the products is made for the sole purpose of illustrating the product and is purely indicative.

The Company reserves the rights to implement changes in product specifications without notice and as may be deemed appropriate by the Company for any technical or commercial reason.

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