Polyurethane: applications and advantages

The Elastomeric Polyurethane is increasingly considered a multipurpose material capable of offering high technical performance and suitable for applications even in the fine industry, where purity or particular aesthetic appearance are required. For many years, MTG has been using this exceptional material, both in the production of hoses for general industry, very often combined with rubber, but also in applications in the fine industry, such as foodstuffs, in particular dry foods, or applications in the pharmaceutical industry.


Main benefits

The feature that most distinguishes polyurethane from other materials is the exceptional resistance to abrasion. In fact, very often, the polyurethane is offered as an alternative solution to rubber, because it is more abrasion resistant and offers a longer hose life span. This means savings in maintenance costs and reduction of downtime resulted from hose replacement.


Working process of polyurethane

The polyurethane raw material is available in granules. The granules are then processed at high temperature and transformed into foils for the production of hoses by using the rigid mandrel production technology. The formulation and the entire manufacturing process is done in MTG and, when it is required, through a compounding process with particular additivities, the polyurethane is transformed into an antistatic material and made suitable to work in applications requiring the capacity to discharge electrostatic charges.

As the polyurethane is a thermoplastic material, unlike rubber, once processed and vulcanized, it appears compact and the mirror-like finishing of the surface is considered an additional benefit, that, because of the low coefficient of friction, facilitates the flow of the product conveyed.

For more information on the products and in order to receive advice for the selection of the most appropriate grade of polyurethane for the application, we kindly invite you to contact the MTG technical department.