Food hose for tank and screw pump



Once again, a client has brought a complex situation the MTG Team was pleased to solve. Their company operated in the food industry and was looking for a product that would connect a tank and a screw pump. Therefore, the requirements were:

  • Different diameters: the internal diameter of one end measured 80 mm; the other end was 100 mm.
  • Different connections at each side: one end had to be disconnected very quickly to switch from one pump to the other, while the side connected to the tank would be fixed.
  • Short length and flexibility: the machines were very close to each other, and the hose would be installed in tight spaces. The hose should bend easily to connect them; moreover, the rubber part had to be very short due to the tight spaces.
  • Compatible with both suction and high-pressure: the hose must be able to work both at 10 bar working pressure and in vacuum applications.
  • Compatible with sterilization cyclescleaning and sterilization cycles can mean chemically aggressive cleaning agents. If you do not choose the right materials, they can drastically reduce the life span of the hose.
  • Compatible with fatty foodstuff: the hose would transfer foods with a fat content higher than 20%.
  • GMP and food standards: naturally, the hose must comply with the main food regulations and with the Good Manufacturing Practices in food contact materials (GMP), thus guaranteeing the utmost safety and quality for the end consumer.

The MTG Technical Team and the Research and Development staff analysed the requirements and proposed a hose that brilliantly met all of the requests.



We chose our MTG IMPERIA design as the starting point. The MTG IMPERIA hose is the longest-running food hose in MTG and is still one of our top hoses for dairy and fatty foodstuff. Indeed, NBR has great resistance to fatty foods.

The CR rubber cover resists brief contact with animal and vegetable fats: this means that if the end-user spilt some of the conveyed product while handling the hose, the external surface would remain intact. The version with steel helix wire of the IMPERIA hose range allows vacuum, high-pressure, and tight bending radius applications.

From this basis, the MTG Team cooperated to design the customizations. The most challenging aspect was that the two machines had different applications, sizes, and types of connection. The end that needed to be disconnected to switch from one pump to the other has been designed with a DIN 11851 liner with nut. This ensures that operations can be performed very quickly.

As mentioned at the beginning, the other side was fixed. This prompted our team to design the other end as a flange with beaded ends. This type of connection for the flange side (other than a pressed, vulcanized, or vulcanized rubber-lined fitting) was perfect for this application, as the metal part takes up very little space. Therefore, it fulfils the request for high flexibility in tight spaces.

The range of temperatures of the IMPERIA hose series varies from -20 °C to + 90 °C depending on the product conveyed and on use. As for sterilization, the MTG IMPERIA hose is compatible with the most common cleaning procedures in the food industry (CIP, SIP). However, we strongly recommend you contact the MTG Technical Department for further information.

MTG IMPERIA complies with food regulations such as FDA Standards, 3-A Sanitary Standards n.18-03-Class II, BfR Recommendations (XXI Cat. 2), D.M. 21/03/73 and following amendments, EC 1935/2004 and 2023/2006/EC (GMP). The MTG production cycle is free from plasticizers, animal derived ingredients, phthalates, adipates and materials subject to restrictions according to EC 1907/2006 (REACH). All of these conditions reduce the risk of bacterial growth and contamination of the product conveyed, which guarantees the integrity of the product processed by the company and the health and safety of the end-user.