Silicone Hoses: Excellent Performance in Extreme Temperature Applications

Among the range of materials used for the production of flexible hoses, silicone stands out for its versatility and strength, in particular for its ability to withstand high and low temperature applications.

Unrivaled Resistance to High and Low Temperature

The silicone hoses are distinguished by their exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, extending their operating capabilities from the freezing -60 C to the scorching +200 C. This remarkable capacity is attributed to the intrinsic thermal stability of the silicone, which prevents its degradation or loss of structural integrity.

Chemical Resistance: Shielding Against Corrosive Agents

In addition to excelling in applications at extreme temperatures, silicone is indicated to withstand a wide variety of chemicals, including acids, bases and solvents. Its chemical inertia makes silicone hoses a valid alternative in applications where chemicals of various types are conveyed.

Biocompatibility: A Safe Choice for Sensitive Applications

In applications where maximum purity in product transfer is essential, platinum-cured silicone hoses are the only acceptable option. This feature makes it the best choice for the production processes of drugs intended for injection into the human body. In addition to this, the possibility of sterilization by autoclave, makes this choice the most suitable even in aseptic productions.

Flexibility and Endurance: Adapting to different Challenges

The silicone hoses, thanks to the extraordinary mechanical characteristics of this compound, are exceptionally flexible and allowing to withstand twists, dynamic folds and tight curves. These requirements are often needed in industrial applications. Flexibility combined with robust construction ensures that these hoses maintain their integrity even in the most critical conditions

The Choice of Excellence: Why Silicone Hoses Reign Supreme?

The combination of temperature resistance, chemical inertia, biocompatibility and flexibility, makes silicone hoses the undisputed champions of highly specialized applications. These hoses not only boast durability and reliability, but also offer extreme safety, a fundamental quality to avoid occupational accidents.