MTG S.p.A. considers it essential to adopt "quality, safety in the workplace, and their improvement" as priority and strategic elements for the management of its activities. Furthermore, it regards the environment and sustainable development as strategic factors in the exercise and development of its activities, crucial for consolidating its leadership in the market in which it operates.

Since 2016, the Company has incorporated, within the existing Management System and with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Organizational Model 231 and SA 8000:2008, as the ultimate tool for safeguarding the Company and all the components that collaborate and have responsibilities within the company organization, and that contribute to achieving the set objectives.

MTG S.p.A.'s Integrated Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management System pursues:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Employee satisfaction;
  • External company and all other stakeholders' satisfaction;
  • Respect for the internal and external environment of the Company;
  • Continuous improvement of integrated management performance;
  • Shareholder satisfaction.


MTG S.p.A. bases its Company policy on the following Guiding Principles:

  • Risk assessment, in the areas of quality, environment, and safety, of each company process in order to implement improvement actions that allow for the proper management of events (variables) that may affect the achievement of set objectives;
  • Customer Satisfaction, resulting from optimized processes aimed at providing high-quality products and/or services, enabling clear and long-lasting relationships;
  • Training and updating of personnel to ensure in particular interchangeability and autonomy with particular attention to:
  • knowledge of product functionality;
  • training on new technologies applied within the Company;
  • dissemination of concepts related to Company organization;
  • continuous updating of the Company regarding technical and legislative innovations;
  • work safety and environmental respect.
  • Constant attention to new technologies aimed at ensuring Customer confidence both in the validity of the product/service and in timely delivery;
  • Need to promptly intercept and resolve Non-Conformities, as well as to analyze and use them as stimuli for improvement;
  • Importance of relying on qualified, reliable, timely suppliers who represent a "partner" for the Company;
  • Ensuring safety in the workplace for both internal and external collaborators, providing safe and healthy working conditions and ensuring consultation and participation of the workers themselves, also through their representation, on safety issues;
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Improving and promoting the environmental characteristics of products and services;
  • Compliance with implicit requirements such as laws and regulations; attention to work safety and environmental respect;
  • Shareholder satisfaction, the result of a company that combines quality, safety, environmental impact with the beneficial and profitability of investments;
  • creating value for the Company.


MTG S.p.A. communicates the policy to all company personnel through training activities and direct involvement in the application of company process procedures and instructions. Furthermore, the policy is available to all relevant stakeholders who request it.


MTG S.p.A. identifies measurable milestones to assess the achievement of objectives:

  • Operating in accordance with mandatory legislation and voluntary standards adopted such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2018, and UNI ISO 45001:2018;
  • Keeping all processes under control;
  • Promoting improvement actions through an in-depth analysis of the company context and appropriate risk assessment;
  • Maintaining an adequate level of training and personnel training;
  • Constantly adapting the integrated system;
  • Constantly involving personnel;
  • Involving its supplier base;
  • Consolidating every improvement solution adopted and verifying customer satisfaction;
  • Consistently applying the internationally recognized Integrated Quality-Safety-Environment management system throughout the organization;
  • Expanding the range of products aimed at the Pharmaceutical sector by acquiring new technologies to further qualify the company's know-how, moving away from standardized productions in the sector;
  • Efficiently using energy and water resources and raw materials;
  • Optimally managing the production of waste and effluents;
  • Training and raising awareness among all collaborators on environmental issues;
  • Minimizing the environmental impact resulting from the conduct of production activities;
  • Pursuing energy-saving objectives and committing to the prevention and minimization of all forms of produced pollution;
  • Minimizing waste production, particularly non-recyclable production waste (a type of waste for which a proportional minimization reward for employees is envisaged);
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing risks to the health and safety of all persons present;
  • Continuously improving performance in terms of quality, environment, and safety.