MTG Railway Industry

The hoses for the railway industry are made of tested and certified materials with low emission of toxic gases. MTG can supply brake hoses in service lengths with specific banded fittings and a hydrostatic test for each single item, in accordance with the standard EN 1402.

Conver Cable: Tubo in gomma per mandata acqua di raffreddamento, acqua demineralizzata e glicole


Rubber hose for delivery of cooling water, demineralized water and glycol, used for the electrotechnical industry in the railway and tramway sector.

Tubo autoestinguente per accoppiamento di condotte di freni continui pneumatici di rotabili ferroviari o tranviari.


Self-extinguishing rubber hose for coupling or connecting continuous pneumatic brake lines of railway or tramway vehicles.


Electric cable protection hose, flame retardant, low emission of halogen gases, suitable for use under extreme temperature conditions.

MTG Rail Way - Cooling water hose


Rubber hose for cooling water circulation in the engines. Also designed for the heating of cabs and wagons of railcars, water inlet and discharge from the engine to the boiler, three-way-piping, transport of cooling water to the gearbox system. Good resistance to mineral oil mist.

CORD CAVI 49N: Tubo autoestinguente per protezione cavi elettrici non propagante la fiamma


Rubber hose for protection of electrical cables suitable for mild temperature environments. Flame retardant, low opacity of fumes, low emission of halogen gases, excellent insulation properties.

Aeratorflex: air suction hose, very flexible, used for ventilation systems on board of railway vehicles.


Air suction hose, very flexible, used for ventilation systems or as flexible connection between filter and prefilter or between filter and air intake manifold of combustion engines. Used as flexible connection in ventilation systems on board of railway and tramway vehicles.