ULTRAPURA: a unique hose designed for filling machines in the pharmaceutical industry

MTG is pleased to introduce the latest product ULTRAPURA, developed for the pharmaceutical industry. The hose has been designed for the filling machines in aseptic environment with the aim of solving the two major critical issues in the application: transparency and the chemical resistance of the hose. The transparency is intended to allow visual flow detection. An irregular flow in fact could create air stagnation, changing the consistence of the product and therefore compromising the correct dosage of the drug and the conformity of the packing unit.


Ultrapura is a unique hose design

Compared to the many transparent hoses available on the market for the same application, the hose Ultrapura is a unique hose design. In fact, the contact material of the medium is a PFA (Perfluoroalcoxy) liner, which offers all the advantages of a perfluoropolymer material such as chemical and temperature resistance, impermeability and mirror like finishing of the contact surface. Thanks to these features, the drug is transferred in an easy and safe way through the hose regardless of the chemical composition and viscosity of the medium.

Unlike other materials, PFA is extremely compact and chemically inert. Even in the most critical applications, there is no risk of alteration of the medium conveyed: the impermeability of the material excludes the possibility of extractions or leachable, avoiding any risk of cross-contamination and maintaining the purity of the fluid.


Materials used in the construction of the hose

Ultrapura is the result of the combination of two materials that are very different in composition: the virgin PFA, non-pigmented, and the transparent platinum cured silicone, joined by a surface treatment of the tubing specifically developed for this product. The result is a flexible and completely transparent hose design complying with the USP class VI Standards. The entire manufacturing process of the hose (including extrusion and surface treatment of the PFA tubing, as well as the production of silicone semi-finished products) is totally carried out in the MTG cleanroom, ensuring that purity and biocompatibility of materials remain constant and repeatable over time.


Other benefits of Ultrapura

The hose can be easily sanitized and therefore it can be used in repeated applications. In this way, frequent hose replacement and waste of time for machine downtime are avoided, while maintaining product safe.
For more information on the product or to receive the hose validation package (including leachable and extractable studies) please, contact MTG office staff at info@mtgspa.com