Railway Industry

Hoses for the railway industry are made of tested and certified materials with low emission of toxic gases

Rubber hoses for the railway sector play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of railway operations: they are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, both in terms of durability and operating conditions.

In fact, the brake system of the train is fundamental to ensure the safety of all passengers: the hoses transfer the air pressure from the locomotive to the braking system of railway cars, allowing you to apply or release the brakes. This pressure transfer ensures that the train can stop when necessary, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of passengers on board.

But in the railway sector, the hoses are also used in train air conditioning and heating systems, creating a comfortable environment for passengers and train staff. They are also used in pneumatic train systems, such as air suspension systems, which reduce the impact of vibration and shock on the body and train components.

What makes rubber hoses irreplaceable, within the railway industry, is their flexibility in the connections between wagons and different components, durability and wear resistance, as they can withstand extreme climatic conditions, such as high and low temperatures, as well as difficult operating conditions, such as abrasion and impact, while maintaining plant functionality demands. These features ensure that the hoses ensure proper operation for all wagon and locomotive components, reducing the need for extraordinary maintenance.

Rubber hoses are also resistant to ozone and all weather, a common problem in the railway industry due to continuous exposure to sunlight.

Railway Industry

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