ACQUA/ADT-K: The new MTG hose for drinking water

Rubber hose for drinking water.


ACQUA ADT-K is the new MTG hose for drinking water, developed in accordance with UBA Leitlinie.

The UBA Elastomer Guideline is the new guideline that, since 01/01/2017, is definitely replacing the old KTW Empfehlungen, including KTW Empfehlung 1.3.13 which previously regulated the production and testing of hoses made of natural and synthetic rubber. The new limits of the UBA Leitlinie are much more restrictive than in the past, as far as products and materials in contact with drinking water are concerned.

The new guidelines published in Germany by the Federal Environment Agency and the Trinkwasserverordnung – TrinkwV 2001 (regulation containing definitions and safety standards for drinking water which has adopted the European Directive 98/83/EG) are valid for the German market and have one common goal: the improvement of the quality of water intended for human consumption.

The UBA Leitlinie reduces indeed the number of materials and substances allowed, it prescribes a longer duration of the immersion times and greatly reduces the TOC value (Total Organic Carbon), an important parameter to determine the contamination level of the water. The implementation of the new directive provides a quality level of water much cleaner than in the past, preserving the properties of the water (colour, clarity, smell and taste) and preserving the consumer’s health.

Composition and Certifications

Since many years MTG pays special attention to the choice of materials, to the design and production of the hoses in contact with food, beverages and drinking water. The production of the hose ACQUA ADT-K, developed in accordance with UBA Leitlinie and manufactured with high quality materials, faithfully reflects this philosophy. The whole structure of the hose is indeed made of high purity ingredients and polymers, without any plasticizers and accelerators, in order to ensure contamination-free handling. Also purity is ensured by production processes specifically developed for this product.

The hose ACQUA ADT-K has also passed the DVGW-W270 test. This is a specific test to check the bacterial growth on the materials contained in the hose which are in contact with drinking water. The hose has been tested by the Hygiene Institut des Ruhrgebiets, both for cold (+23°C) and warm water (+60°C).  The validation for warm water ensures the organoleptic properties and purity of the water even in case of high temperature up to +60° C. The hose passed the migration tests according to EU 10/2011, it is free from animal derived ingredients, phthalates and nitrosamines.



In addition to the standard applications such as public administration for public events, food and beverage industries, railway and transport sector, because of the high quality of the materials, the hose ACQUA ADT K may also be used for conveying water in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries where the quality of the water must be at highest level. The utmost flexible structure facilitates handling. If the hose is bent, it keeps its original round shape and may easily be rolled up on a reel.


Technical data sheet

For detailed information about the technical features of the hose, please refer to the technical data sheet of the product.


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