Company Profile

MTG has given an essential contribution to the evolution of the transport of products through rubber hoses, creating technical solutions which are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the customers, thanks to MTG’s long technical experience in this field, important investment on research and development and renewal capacity.

Since 1979 MTG produces special customized hoses manufactured with the rigid mandrel technology. The factory, one of the most modern in the sector, is located at Grisignano di Zocco (VI) and occupies 20,000 square meters of which 15,000 are covered.

MTG pursues its goals of competitiveness and flexibility through a process optimization with a lean manufacturing approach, in order to comply with the changing market conditions efficiently and quickly, thus satisfying the demanding requirements of the customers.

MTG strictly controls the whole production process: fully traceability is ensured through all production phases, from the choice of ingredients and the production of semi-finished products, up to the finished product. Every hose is designed, manufactured and tested inside the company in order to ensure that each part complies with the strict standards imposed by MTG. Also tests are carried out to check the correct operation even under hard environment conditions: this is the only way to continue with improvements and innovation: a special feature of the MTG style, this is the MTG way.

Since 1995 MTG is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. In 2014 MTG has achieved the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.



The mission of MTG is to provide value to customers by manufacturing high quality customized rubber hoses complying with the most stringent safety measures and able to meet the specific needs of customers both in terms of quality and lead time.


MTG‘s  vision is to design and manufacture innovative products anticipating the requirements of the market and offering solutions which provide significant benefits to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, in order to protect the consumer’s health and safety.


MTG believes in the importance to create a trust relationship with the customers and to develop a business based on integrity.

MTG undertakes to pursue objectives of excellence and innovation.

MTG undertakes to support a strategy based on differentiation by offering innovative solutions; these are the result of the challenges faced by MTG every day in order to increase its experience and expertise in the field.

MTG believes in environmental sustainability and in the importance of an ecological approach to its activities.


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