Regulations on substances used for the production of hoses


MTG has always been paying close attention to the evolution of the Regulations in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as those on safety in the workplace and the use of chemical products.  All these Regulations are intended to increase the global review of the substances that can be used for the production of technical articles.


MTG: choice and control of materials


During the 40 years of activity, as a business philosophy, MTG has been working for the selection and use of safe materials for the production of food hoses, in order to guarantee the safeguard of the human health of both the operators working in the production department and the food consumers. Every single ingredient and semi-finished product is carefully evaluated by the R&D department and by the team inside the MTG organization in charge of guaranteeing the safety on food. Attention is paid to safety data sheets, compliance with REACH Regulations and the protection from risks on human health for the people working in MTG.


Compliance of the ingredients employed


Special attention is dedicated to the quality of components and semi-finished products intended to get in contact with drugs and food. For this reason, plasticizers as phthalates, adipates and any animal derived ingredient are avoided in the entire production cycle. Furthermore, to avoid risk of contamination, the ingredients used for the production of MTG food hoses are only those approved by the most important European Regulations (DM 21/03/1973 in Italy, Arrêté du 9 Novembre 1994 in France, BfR in Germany) and American Standards (FDA and USP standards).

The MTG hoses are regularly checked through specific analyses, as required by the food Regulations. Furthermore, special testings are carried out to simulate the hose working conditions in a variety of possible applications, such as sterilization with steam and resistance to different CIP cleaning methods.


Constant update


Finally, MTG keeps updated on the evolution of food standards thanks to important collaborations with laboratories and research institutes, both Italian and European. Its technicians regularly visit the most important international expositions, and are always looking for new, technologically-advanced products.

Training sessions for technical and sales personnel are regularly held in MTG in order to provide the best customer service.  For more information about products and applicable Regulations for a particular industrial application, please contact the MTG staff.