MTG RAILWAY: EN 50553 Running Capability

Tubo freno test 373407 esp.6 secondo la norma EN 50553


Since many years, MTG is producing hoses for the railway industry. In particular, in July 2018, MTG has successfully passed the Running Capability tests performed on the rubber hose CORD/46N-AB according to the EN 50553 standard referred to in the new Trenitalia technical specification for brake systems No. 373407 esp.6.


What is Running Capability?

Trenitalia introduced this revision of the specification with the aim of increasing safety in transport systems: the purpose is to secure both vehicle and passengers making sure that the airbrake system can resist in the event of a fire for at least 15 minutes, estimated time to be sufficient to drive the vehicle up to approximately the next station.


The importance of the air braking system on the train

Among all the hoses available in the train, the air breaking system is considered the most critical because in the event of fire and destruction, it could lead irredeemably to the stop of vehicle and to exposure to dangerous environments like for example stationary conditions inside of a tunnel.


What is the impact of the norm EN 50553 on the product?

The introduction of this regulation has contributed to a radical change of the product: in order to meet the new increasingly stringent requirements of the technical specification of Trenitalia, the hose must overcome extreme testing conditions required by the norm EN 50553 Railway applications – Requirements for running capability in case of fire on board of rolling stock and ensure a prolonged resistance to the action of fire.


What does fire resistance test method ISO 15540 consist of?

In order to comply with the requirements of the EN 50553, the hose has to pass the severe testing conditions required by the test method ISO 15540 according to which the hose must be exposed to flame at + 800°C throughout its length and for a period of time of 15 minutes. In addition, to make the test conditions even more intensive, two Bunsen with irradiated flame are positioned at both extremities of the assembly. In fact, the extremities are the most critical part of the assembly. The test is successfully passed if at the end of the test the hose has no damage, i.e. no leakage of liquid.


Hose CORD/46N-AB esp. 6 and fire behavior of materials

Extreme testing conditions like those described are absolutely new for a rubber hose. For this reason, having obtained the certification from the laboratory LAPI, MTG is pleased to introduce into the market the hose CORD/46N-AB esp.6 that in addition to EN 50553, it has also passed the test according to EN 45545-2: 2015 for low toxicity and opacity of the fumes (category HL2).


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